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If you have an event you would like to have appear on this calendar please submit information by email to: Include the following: Name & Type of Event, Date/Time, Location, Prize/Division Info, Contact Name, Phone & Email Address.

NOTE: to be considered for listing the event must be fiddle-focused (such as a contest, fiddle-oriented festival, fiddle camp, jam session, old-time square dance, etc.), open to the public and take place in Missouri or a state bordering on Missouri. We reserve the right to reject any submissions. This is a public calendar, anyone on the planet can see it, so best not list your next backyard BBQ unless you want 500 hungry, free-loading fiddlers there.

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The Not-So-Fine Print: This calendar is presented as a service to members of the Missouri fiddle community.  We've done our best to enter the information accurately as it has been provided to us.  While we strongly encourage event sponsors to update information in a timely manner (including cancellation of events), MSOTFA is not responsible for inaccurate or out-dated information in the calendar. Always check with the event sponsor in advance if you have any doubt about any details associated with the event. In other words, if you drive 200 miles to a contest and it's the wrong day -- don't call us.
Help for Contest Organizers
Click here to access complete contest packet including scoresheet, contest guide, registration sheet, & rules.